Darwin’s Darkest Hour

Nova have released their new Docu-drama Darwin’s Darkest Hour which will be a two hour movie, split into two hour long sections. It will be aired Tuesday October 6Th at 8.00pm on most PBS stations. I did call my local PBS stations, WEDU in Tampa and WMFE in Orlando who both assured me that they would be showing the program. I would suggest that you contact the PBS station in your own area to confirm the day and time of the airing. Darwin’s Darkest Hour, National Geographic Television’s first scripted film, portrays a crisis in Charles Darwin’s life, showing us Darwin’s struggle to endured the year before the publication of “On the Origin of Species”.

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  1. Kevin Folta says:

    The producers guaranteed little controversy because anyone that watched it went quickly to sleep. It was the most boring treatment of the subject I have ever seen (at least until I fell asleep).

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