Stuff to keep you distracted

Sorry that I haven’t been blogging much lately. Family, work, school, etc. You know the drill. Here are some interesting things to keep you occupied, though.

— The Scientist magazine took note of our Stick Science contest: Sticking it to science.

— The National Center for Science Education folks kindly posted online a lengthy story I wrote for their newsletter about the fight over Florida’s science standards.

— Did you know that some University of Florida folks put on a Veterinary Forensics Crime Scene Investigations workshop?

— Could a Florida archaeological find show that humans have co-existed with prehistoric beasts along the Treasure Coast more than 13,000 years ago?

— Here’s a couple of articles about a girls’ STEM summit here in Florida: here and here and here.

Twenty-six high school teachers stood with straws in mouths and spoons at the ready. Bowls of M&Ms rainbowed before them.

— This Miami Herald story asks, should schools cut animal dissections?

— Here’s a nice fossils for kids site.

— Research news from UF: 54-million-year-old skull reveals early evolution of primate brains.

— Florida teachers want to save their Sea World pass!

— I just love this one: “Her job is to separate hoaxes from actual Bigfoot sightings in Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando counties.”

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