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Florida Citizens for Science
Building our future on a strong foundation of science and education.

Welcome to the Internet home of Florida Citizens for Science. We are a diverse group of concerned parents, educators, employers and just about everything else under the Florida sun united in a common cause. We defend and promote good science, especially in the public school classroom.

Our focus in 2016 is on defending against attacks on science education from lawmakers (see our latest press release and blog posts) and defending an updated version of the state science standards expected to be released to the public in a few months. But we also take an active role in rooting out attempts to undermine our state's future, such as the blatant promotion of anti-scientific ideas, Intelligent Design/Creationsim being the standard one. We've seen how distracting and costly fights can be once anti-science establishes a toe-hold in an area. Headlines in Kansas, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Ohio attest to this. Our self-assigned task is to be vigilant and take action before narrow ideologies get too much traction in Florida.

Please consider joining Florida Citizens for Science. We need eyes and ears in every corner of this state. And we need people willing to stand up for sound science in the face of boisterous snake-oil salesmen. Regardless of how much time and effort you are willing to give, we would be happy to welcome you aboard!

Science Education Resources

We've assembled a long list of online resources that should be helpful to teachers, students and citizens interested in good science education. They're filed under catergories such as Curriculum, Teaching Real Science, Local and National Support, Professional Development, and Technology. If you have any resources you think would be good to add, just let us know. Otherwise, head over to the Science Education Resources page and have a look.

Keep Up to Date

Florida Citizens for Science stays on top of significant activities in our state that concern science education and we make sure to keep everyone informed as events happen. We maintain an active blog where the latest information can always be found.

Defending Science in Florida

Florida Citizens for Science has been advocating for science education in our state's public schools for several years now. Learn about our history of involvement in the fight for new state science standards and other projects at our Projects & Events page.

Press Releases, Media Contacts, etc.

Florida Citizens for Science was formed in 2006 and ever since then we've been at the forefront of promoting and defending great science education in our state. Our past press releases, a list of resources for reporters, and information for Florida Citizens for Science members available for media contact can all be found here.

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