Defending science education since 2006

It’s 2018 and we’re still fighting the same battles over the teaching of evolution in our schools that have been ongoing for decades. Bills filed during this year’s state legislative session targeted so-called “controversial theories” taught in science classes. Fact-based science textbooks are under attack by citizens and school board officials and it’s going to get worse as new science textbooks are reviewed and purchased later this year. A concerted effort to unleash yet more money to go to private schools that teach creationism while denigrating evolution and other basic science topics is gaining steam.

Florida Citizens for Science is a nonprofit 501(c)3 statewide organization that was established in 2006 with the purpose of promoting and defending quality science education in the Sunshine State. We’ve been at the forefront of the endless battles over textbooks, our state science education standards and repeated attempts to undermine science education by state and local elected officials.

Our success depends on you. Please join us in our fight on behalf of our students, schools and future.